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Work in the vineyard

The care of our vineyards on the terraced sites of St. Magdalena is defined by manual labor and passion. The year in the vineyard begins with the winter pruning. This is followed by the tying of the canes to the wires. In spring, leaf work begins, removing unfruitful shoots and extra foliage throughout the summer to allow more sunlight to reach the grapes. In late summer, the amount of maturing grapes is reduced several times during the growing seasons. From mid-September to mid-October, the "fruit" of the work is finally harvested. Our grapes are then left to the hands of the cellar master Lukas Martini of the winery Martini & Sohn KG in Girlan, where all our wines are vinified.

The terraced, sunny vineyards of St. Magdalena are the center of our cultivation. There can be found heat-storing soils of glacial moraine deposits and weathered porphyry.

However, low harvests are typical of these hillside sites.

This requires careful selection and extremely careful processing of the grapes. Our wines are therefore the result of a thorough selection and are only available in limited editions.

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